Bloxham Mill Business Centre

What can I say? Ray and the team at Bloxham Mill Business Centre run a very tight ship. A great team of dedicated people looking after a huge number of business. It really is a social hub of friendly businesses.

Ray had a clear idea of the videos that he wanted for his website and we worked with him and the team to bring this to life in a  storyboard. Ray was a natural on the day and everyone involved did a great job.

From the moment we engaged Jonathan Ruffle at FreshFX, the expertise in videography was apparent. Jonathan’s attention to the detail, aligned to sound and vision in terms of creating the best portrayal of Bloxham Mill, its clients and community was just superb. Jonathan worked so well with our marketing company, PDQ Partnership, and our video testimonial clients.

The whole process was quick and efficient and we are absolutely delighted with the end result – now proudly showing on our website. I would strongly recommend any business looking for promotional videos for their website to contact FreshFX.


Ray Avery

Managing Director, Bloxham Mill Business Centre

Crompton Lamps

It was great to work alongside such a longstanding and prestigious company such as Crompton Lamps. They have been supplying lamps to the UK and the world since 1878!

The brief was to create a simple video design using an actress and a screen as a back drop to highlight the brand new ranges from Crompton Lamps and Phoebe Lighting. The set up was simple but it worked really well for what was needed.

Nicky was also a little star on the day, with Eleven 250 word scripts to learn and recite she really did have her work cut out. She was efficient, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.

We commissioned Fresh FX to product some videos for Crompton Lamps and they were outstanding for us.  They provided amazing help to help us in advance and on the day of filming.

The pre and post production was superb and the finished results has really helped give our business a new edge and we are delighted with the results and the budget. I would recommend them highly.


Adrian Kitching

Crompton Lamps ltd

Olivia Towers Dressage - Spring Look Book

We first met Olivia on a shoot for a different equestrian brand. She stormed it on the day, the resulting video was quite something and we were delighted when Olivia got in touch with Fresh FX to create her own promotional video for Olivia Towers Dressage.

Olivia had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve and was prepared to do the ground work in to achieve it, behind the scenes there were months of discussion, planning, storyboarding and amending and it shows the preparation really does pay off, and a little bit of luck with the weather never hurts.

The day was planned well, the location was ideal and all the models were on point. A good job all round and we are much looking forward to work with Olivia and her dedicated team again soon. Watch this space.


I first came across Jonathan when asked to help out with a promo video. After having a brief chat with him I could tell how passionate he was about his job and I also loved his creativity so I decided to use Fresh FX to help create a video I had been planning for quite some time.

He was s helpful every step of the way and picked up exactly what I wanted the video to look like, creating a fantastic storyboard.

The final video was everything I could have hoped for and more. I plan on making many more videos with Fresh FX as they really are second to none.

Olivia Towers

Dressage Rider and Coach, Entrepreneur and Vlogger, Olivia Towers Dressage

Oxford City Council - Community Grants Fund


Oxford City Council got in touch with us with only seven days to create a series of seven videos. It was a huge task but we managed to shuffle our workload around and with some long days and nights we managed to bring the whole project on in time and on budget.

It was a heartwarming and inspiring experience meeting the selfless individuals that give their time and affection to these crucial services in the local area, helping a variety of people all over Oxford, many of which would not be possible without the funds made available to them from the city council.

We wanted some short films to promote our community grants programme but they needed to be done quickly. Fresh FX gave us some high quality films in a very tight time frame.

Feedback from the groups that were filmed told us Fresh FX were sensitive to their needs while also being professional and efficient throughout.

We would not hesitate to use Fresh FX again and can highly recommend them


Julia Tomkins

Grants & External Funding Officer, Oxford City Council

Kingsbury Water Park


We were overjoyed to be asked to film this short promotional film for Warwickshire Country Council, especially when we found it was at Kingsbury Water Park. We have worked then many times before and built up a great working relationship with the dedicated team that look after the park all year round.

The brief for the project was to create a medium length promotional film that highlighted all the amenities at the park and that included the wildlife, attractions, amenities and aerial shots of the park. Working closely with the attractions to ensure we capture the park at its best.

We had a great couple of days walking and cycling around the park and are pleased with the results. The aerial shots were made a little trickier by the public access and crowds that attend the park but our team worked together perfectly to ensure we kept everyone safe and got the shots we needed.

Fresh FX understood our brief well and provided all necessary insurance and risk assessment documents without any delay.
From initial concept to the finished film Fresh FX  were professional and efficient, quick to answer questions and make amendments through the editing process.
We have a great film that promotes the fantastic attractions at Kingsbury Water Park in a whole new perspective.
We are already looking forward to working with Fresh FX again in the near future for other exciting projects in Warwickshire’s Country Parks


Richard hart

Country Parks Manager, Warwickshire County Council

Watchet Live 2016


Watchet Live 2016! What a weekend! We cant thank Mark and Jackie enough for inviting us back to cover their filming needs. A weekend pack full of live music, amazing guests and some very talkative bands. A team of four covered the event, two skilled videographers, along with a presenter and audio professional. Once again, one of the top weekends of the year, we cant wait to be back there soon.

Tame Valley Wetlands - Kingsbury Water Park


It was a long but very enjoyable project. It was a pleasure to work with the teams at Tame Valley Wetlands and Kingsbury Water Park and to see the hard work and dedication that goes in to the projects they develop.

Filming several months apart we were able to create this stunning video as part of the Tame Valley Wetlands conditions with Biffa Waste, who alone awarded £50,000 to this amazing project. The video shows the progression of the land right back from 1945 to the present day.

We look forward to going back next year to see how the area has developed since.

As part of a funding bid, we had to provide a short video of the work carried out.  Fresh FX interpreted our brief perfectly and created a fun, informative, well edited video with audio soundtrack that has a professional finish.  This has proved to be a great tool for engagement in today’s social media driven environment.  Thank you Fresh FX.


Tracey Doherty

Wetland Landscape Officer, Tame Valley Wetlands

Prescription Swimming Goggles


We are all really pleased with the results of the recent animations created for Prescription Swimming Goggles. The advert itself was good fun to do, but what really tops the cake for us is the character, Gary Goggles, what a star!

We initially sat down with some basic ideas where the character was realised, this quickly grew in to a series of instructor animations, eighteen in total, which talk you through the installation of their range. By then, he was quite a star, we thought it was only right to get an interview with Gary Goggles, along with Producer Polly. What a guy! No doubt he is sunning it up somewhere right now.

You can see the full range of videos here, by clicking on the relevant product, then video page.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Jonathan at Fresh FX on our latest project.

This included two films: creating an animation for some existing audio; combining stock video with new video elements and then recording an audio track.

In both cases the first draft was very close to our vision and final amendments were completed quickly. Communication throughout the projects was very good keeping us informed about progress, especially important as one was needed for a specific date. We are delighted with both and have asked for mini versions of one of the videos for different uses that we had not envisaged initially.


James Sutton

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Fresh Wed


May 2016, Fresh FX introduces its sister company, Fresh Wed. We were being asked to film weddings, mostly due to the dedicated nature of the staff and the stunning results we were achieving.

Fresh Wed will now handle all the Wedding Films while Fresh FX will handle anything else. The two are very different and we felt the separation was necessary. You will still get the same dedicated service and teams from both companies and we cannot wait to start showing off what we can offer in both categories.

Banbury Presents


Suzette Neptune is creative, talented and her motivation is second to none. It is always great to get a call from Suzette about the next project, each one different, unique and with a clear objective.

We first worked with Suzette years ago and the relationship continues to strengthen today, for our love of the music, arts and that something a little different. Suzette always brings something to the table and has lead many, both, thought provoking and entertaining ventures. We look forward to our creative paths crossing again.

Over the past six years it has been my pleasure to have developed a wonderful working relationship with Fresh FX. They have facilitated, consulted and delivered on a wide range of arts, performance and cultural projects.

These have ranged from community to professional, and have included both documentary and creative film work.

From Comic Conventions, to theatrical and storytelling weekends, street festivals, live music events, private parties, and professional dance on film, whether documenting an event or creating a theatrical trailer, or producing a music video or dance film, Fresh FX have been an incredible company to work with.

Their strong clear values are ever present in their professional ethics and the high level of skill in their practice: attention to detail, integrity, adaptability, cutting edge and traditional techniques, top range skills and equipment, creativity in approach, and most importantly, an impressive cinema quality product delivered exactingly, to your specifications.

I can give them my highest recommendation.

Suzette Neptune, MA (Trinity, Laban)

Creative Coordinator, Banbury Presents

Freechoice Group


We first met Dave of the Freechoice Group through Ian Gentles and the Banburyshire Info video initiative. After our initial meeting we decided to create two videos. The video to the left was created to promote their unique timber range whilst the other video was used to promote the full range of services Freechoice Group has to offer.

We met some lovely clients along the way, as most of the work was captured on site. They were all friendly and very accommodating, it was a pleasure an absolute pleasure to work with Dave and Sadie.

We used Fresh FX to compose two advertising videos for our company. Jonathan understood our objectives for both of them really well and after only a couple of short meetings, was able to compile two really comprehensive videos for our website.

We would not hesitate to use Fresh FX again and would highly recommend their services.

David Kennard

Director, Freechoice Group

Tame Valley Wetlands - Kingsbury Water Park


It is great to be working alongside Tame Valley Wetlands, their associates and supporters on this on-going development project at Kingsbury Water Park.

We were asked to capture some aerial images and video with a view to creating a 3d model and high resolution map. After some careful planning we conducted 3 flights then went to work creating this video for them which is great to show off the area. We will be back once the project has progressed to show how the area has developed.

It’s been a ‘refreshing’ experience working with Fresh-FX

We wanted to capture the work on a 6ha community wetland habitat creation project being carried out in North Warwickshire.  Fresh FX interpreted our needs for a film that could be used to promote the project but also with photos and a 3D image so that we could map the work to the initial design and which could be used over time, for monitoring the project.  The work has been carried out professionally, with enthusiasm and has fulfilled the brief perfectly.  The end product is a great film, which has helped to show the landscape and connect people with our work, with some really good feedback from the public.   We are looking forward to working with Fresh FX in the future.

Tracey Doherty

Wetland Landscape Officer, Tame Valley Wetlands

Distinct Estate Agent


It was a real pleasure to work alongside Šárka Naivertová from Distinct Estate Agents. She is a very motivated lady who runs a great business offering real solutions to tenants, property owners and developers.

We were tasked with producing a short snappy promotional film that quickly drew attention to their key offerings whilst standing from the normal feed of videos we see daily. After some discussion it was decided that a character animation with voice over would be the best solution.

Both Distinct Estate Agent’s and Fresh FX are overjoyed with the result.


Dealing with Jonathan of Fresh FX was a great experience from start to finish. He understood the brief and came up with a unique promotional video that stood out from the rest. Throughout the project Jonathan always responded to equerries efficiently and knew how to translate my needs into the end product. I would have no hesitation to work with Fresh FX again. Šárka Naivertová

Managing Director, Distinct Estate Agents

Watchet Music Festival


Watchet Music Festival asked us to produce two short videos. The first being a quick Thank You video to be released 3 days after the event and the second a longer edit to promote the upcoming event in 2016, to be ready within 3 weeks after the event. With 14 hours of 4k footage and much of it multi track we captured over 1.3TB of data of the weekend.

All the crew had an amazing time at Watchet Music Festival and highly recommend this festival to anyone from a first time festival goer to someone deep routed in the festival scene. We all worked tirelessly  throughout the weekend but it didn’t stop us enjoying what is without a doubt one of the best festivals on the circuit.

Watchet Festival were very pleased in commissioning ‘Fresh FX’ to shoot our promotional video with a professional attitude, from the moment of tender to the delivery of the finished films. We would highly recommend this company. Mark Bale

Festival Organiser, Watchet Music Festival

Behind the Face


The brief for this project was to create a short film showing the highlights of the day long exhibition ‘Behind the Face’. Of course the preparation for Pierangela Manzetti was much longer than that, just building the head piece from scratch took many hours of meticulous work.

What can we say? It was very eye opening working with such a talented artist on one of her many well recognised projects. Pierangela Manzetti really sets herself some high goals and constantly achieves them through her creative and innovative ideas.


I put an exhibition together which lasted an entire day this required a film maker prepared to keep focused and have the equipment needed to capture both a wall exhibition as well as a demonstration, Fresh FX more than met my expectations carefully editing to my liking a video that I feel confident to share with the world, one that gets across the message I wanted it to . I would definitely call on Fresh FX for any future film work. Highly professional in attitude and skill and I would recommend to anyone. Pierangella Manzetti

The Land of Sometimes


This project was really enjoyed by the whole team at Fresh FX. You can’t really beat a children’s choir can you? These little guys and girls sang their hearts out, they really knew how to put on a show and their patience throughout the project was outstanding. Who says working with children is difficult?

We were asked to produce 2 films. Firstly and the most important, we were asked to produce a music video showing the children performing the song ‘The Land of Sometimes’ including multiple angles over a few takes. The second to include an interview style clip talking to the creators of the music and the two lead children.



Funke and the Two Tone Baby - The Great Storm


The second video we did for ‘Funke and the Two Tone Baby’ was just as much fun as the first. With a small crew and only a few hours to nail the shoot it was tough going but we managed to capture everything we needed for a great music video. Dan was happy, the budget was met and another project signed off complete.

It was a real pleasure working with Dan again and we are sure it wont be the last time our paths cross.


I worked with Fresh FX to capture my 2014 music video for ‘The Great Storm’. In a very short time, Fresh FX helped devise and implement creative film whilst sticking closely to a brief and budget. They were sympathetic to the needs of the project and worked beyond their duty to meet deadlines and make amendments where needed. As well as being professional and friendly, they’re also great to share a pint in a field with! Dan Turnbull

Funk and the Two Tone Baby