Fresh FX - A Multimedia Production Company

A creative organisation with a passion for professional film. With a host of experience in numerous industries we really have got the tools to do it all...

1st Class Helpful Service

Fresh FX prides itself on its professional approach, from the first concept discussions right through to the final product and way beyond.

We are there to help you through every step of the way, whether you’re a little lost with your projet or have a clear cut idea of what you want, we will assist and offer as little or as much advise as you require.

If you really don’t know what you want we can offer a think team that will give you some creative ideas and options.

Film and more

Film is what we do best! That’s what we get out of bed for, but there is a whole host of other services we can offer and there are a myriad of cross overs between them.

We can offer Photography, Web Design,  Graphic Design, Music Creation, Voice Overs, Media Copying, Media Conversion and Touch Ups and a flexible variety in between. Most tasks can be handled in house by our experienced team which can help reduce the cost significantly, but we also have a wide variety of industry professionals at our disposal making any project easy to complete.


Whilst a creative and innovative team can do wonders for your project, we would be nothing without the stunning technology that allows us to do the work we do.

We understand the importance of a changing world and the technologies that are driven from it. Film and Video are here to stay, they are well embedded into out lives, we record history at a faster rate than ever before. However, the technology used is changing every day.

Fresh FX offer CAA approved aerial filming, 4k cameras and 3D modelling techniques meaning there really is no project we cant complete.

Timing is everything

Fresh FX understand a deadline and the pain caused when those deadlines are not met.

The team work all day every day and all night where necessary to make sure you are never left wondering what happened to your project. We often work in high pressure environments and always thrive when we do and take great joy in keeping our promises.


Fresh FX – Out and about.


Fresh FX are dedicated to a community spirit and love nothing more than getting involved in an exciting project. If you want some advice on a project, want to offer your services or would like to learn a little more about Fresh FX and what we do then feel free to get in touch. 

Exciting projects are all about the people that create or inspire them. We strongly believe that connecting with people is our strongest asset.